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Permanent Jewelry Appointment

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

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Get linked! Permanent jewelry is now available in Windsor, ON. Delicate and dainty, these 14k solid gold or sterling silver chains are just the right amount of sparkle for something you'll wear on the daily. Simply choose your preferred chain style, and I'll size it to perfectly fit your wrist and weld it on the spot. Please read this entire page for FAQ on age restrictions, metal quality information, and cancellation policies. 

$50 Deposit: Deposit required to book the appointment, which is non-refundable. The $50 you are paying here to book the appointment is only a deposit on the cost of the bracelet, not the entire cost of the bracelet.

Prices listed include the cost of the chain as well as the welding service.

For example:

You pay $50 (+HST) to book the appointment. When you come to get your bracelet welded on, you decide on the $150 14k flat cable chain. Since you already paid $50, you will be charged the difference for the bracelet of choice: $100 + HST = $113. Contactless payment via Credit or Debit is preferred!

How to book:

1) Select quantity of bracelets you'd like to purchase at one appointment time (1-2 per slot; 

If you are a group of 3+, please book back-to-back timeslots, but come together at the earlier appointment time. For groups of 5 more more, please contact me on Instagram @aloraflora so I can set up an appointment for you.)

2) Complete payment by proceeding through checkout. You will be emailed confirmation of your appointment time.

Not into this kind of commitment? You can add a clasp at time of appointment for $10, and you can take it on and off as much as you please!

Want to gift one to a friend? Gift cards are also available here.

Jewelry for Children/Minimum Age Policy: 

Welded/permanent jewelry will not be performed on children under 16 years of age. For younger children who would like to participate, a custom-fitted clasped bracelet is an option for children 12 and up. Children under 12 years of age are not eligible for this service. 

Cancellation policy:

If you are unable to attend your appointment time, please cancel within 24hrs so that others waiting for a spot can get in! If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours, you will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Rebooking will be available on a first come, first served basis. I am a reasonable person - if there is an emergency or you have COVID or COVID-like symptoms, I will rebook you without retaining your $50 deposit.


Frequently asked questions:

How does it work? 

A: The pulse-arc welder creates a circuit between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece via a grounding clip. Because I'm welding a ring with a tiny seam, the pulse of energy hits the metal with just enough to melt the metal and close the seam. 

Does it hurt?

A: No. The energy transfer happens directly at the metal, which is held at enough of a distance from your skin that it will not hurt you at all. If you prefer a tight fit for your bracelet, I can also slip a piece of leather beneath the bracelet when welding to make sure.

What if I have to remove it for medical tests, etc?

A: If you need to cut your bracelet off for any reason, simply snip it at the welded ring and keep all pieces together in a zipped plastic bag. When you're ready to put it back on, bring it back and I can weld it back together at no cost.

Will it really stay on forever? Is there a warranty? 

A: It all depends on the type of activity you engage in whether or not the bracelet will last, but keep in mind that it is high quality metal that can typically stand the test of time. Snags may happen, however! If you break your bracelet within 1 year of your appointment, I'll gladly repair it free of charge. After the bracelet leaves my hands, I am not responsible for damages or loss. Like any jewelry, it needs to be handled with care. 

Can I wear it through airport security?

A: Yes. These bracelets are so dainty and can be worn through airport security. 

Will sterling silver tarnish?

A: Sterling silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air, however with the consistent friction of daily wear you should see minimal tarnish on your bracelet. If you do notice some tarnishing, it's nothing a jewelry polishing cloth can't handle!

Tell me about the gold options? What's the difference with quality?

A: Solid 14k gold is 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy, meaning a mix of other (harder) metals. Solid 14k gold is a great choice for everyday wear, since it is durable, affordable, and has a beautiful gold colour. The higher the carat, the higher the gold content in the piece, but also the softer the metal is. That's why 24k gold is very soft and not as great of an option for a permanent piece like this. 

14k gold-filled is basically a better quality "gold-plated". Similar to gold plated, it's 14k gold bonded on top of a base metal (usually brass). It's better than regular gold-plated, however, because it's two layers of gold versus one. It has better longevity than gold-plated pieces, can be worn in the shower, and stands up to daily wear better than plated. 

No matter the quality of the gold, people can still have reactions to alloys in gold. Some people can experience a darkening on the skin when the alloys mix with sweat, or other discoloration due to skin chemistry or lotions, perfumes, etc. Keep this in mind, it depends on how your body reacts to it. 

Will you be getting additional chain options?

A: Yes. If you have a specific chain request, please send me a message at @aloraflora on Instagram and I will seek it out for you! 

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