About Aloraflora

 Aloraflora Jewelry was created to provide affordable, simple yet elegant jewelry for every woman. Whether it's a regular day chasing dreams or the most special of occasions, Aloraflora Jewelry is quality-made, innovative, and driven to be the choice for ladies who want their jewelry to match their personality: confident, elegant, and beautiful - everyday. 

photo of allison

Aloraflora is a play on Allison Flora, my name. Flora is from the Roman goddess of Flowers, or simple means flower. As a child, I didn't love the name, but I have grown (much like my namesake) to truly appreciate it. My grandmother shares the name, and she is a tiny Greek Yiayia living in a village in Northern Greece. Much like me, she is also a maker, tinkerer, and artist. I feel often that a part of me is permanently residing there, with her.

I began creating jewelry because I really enjoyed the freedom involved and the truly endless possibilities in what I could create. I have teamed up with several brides to create their custom jewelry pieces, either for themselves or for their bridesmaids, and took pride in being able to give them exactly what they wanted on that special day. I like to offer customization for any piece of jewelry, and encourage customers to tell me what they would love to see. 

Innovating as we go, we are now introducing custom pieces created via 3D printing techniques. This is a dream come true for me, as it combines my two great loves: art and science. 

I hope to continue to learn new ways to create and innovate in my journey as a jewelry designer. I invite you to inspire me with your desires for custom pieces! 

With love,

Allison Flora