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Permanent Jewelry Gift Card

Permanent Jewelry Gift Card

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Have a friend who's been raving about permanent jewelry? Grab them the perfect gift card! These gift cards can be used towards the permanent bracelet experience by Aloraflora Jewelry. While prices vary for each bracelet, $50-65 is the range for sterling silver, $140 and up for 14k solid gold. If you aren't sure what they'd go for, pick a smaller denomination and you (or they) can pay the difference when they come in for the bracelet!

This card will be emailed to you digitally - if you prefer a physical card, please come in to the store and we can create one for you. 

Delicate and dainty, these 14k solid gold or sterling silver chains are just the right amount of sparkle for something you'll wear on the daily. Simply choose your preferred chain style, and I'll size it to perfectly fit your wrist and weld it on the spot. Prices listed include the cost of the chain as well as the welding service, and are priced for bracelets. If you would like an anklet, additional charges will be incurred per inch. 


Frequently asked questions:

How does it work? 

A: The pulse-arc welder creates a circuit between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece via a grounding clip. Because I'm welding a ring with a tiny seam, the pulse of energy hits the metal with just enough to melt the metal and close the seam. 

Does it hurt?

A: No. The energy transfer happens directly at the metal, which is held at enough of a distance from your skin that it will not hurt you at all. If you prefer a tight fit for your bracelet, I can also slip a piece of leather beneath the bracelet when welding to make sure.

What if I have to remove it for medical tests, etc?

A: If you need to cut your bracelet off for any reason, simply snip it and keep all pieces together in a zipped plastic bag. When you're ready to put it back on, bring it back and I can weld it back together at no cost.

Will it really stay on forever? Is there a warranty? 

A: It all depends on the type of activity you engage in whether or not the bracelet will last, but keep in mind that it is high quality metal that can typically stand the test of time. Snags may happen, however! If you break your bracelet within 1 year of your appointment, I'll gladly repair it free of charge.

Can I wear it through airport security?

A: Yes. These bracelets are so dainty and can be worn through airport security. 

Will you be getting additional chain options?

A: Yes. If you have a specific chain request, please send me a message at @aloraflora on Instagram and I will seek it out for you! 

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