Tech meets art - using 3D modeling to create jewelry

Tech meets art - using 3D modeling to create jewelry

two ringsI've always been a bit of a "Techy". Our family was on the net very early. I still fondly remember the sound of dial-up, and when it took a full day to download a song. I did tech support for a leading smartphone manufacturer for several years, always loved the latest gadgets, and coded websites as a teenager. Surprisingly, I've only recently explored 3D printing, even though my younger brother suggested over 3 years ago that it might be a fun direction to take Aloraflora Jewelry. He was so, so right.

3D printing is just so cool! The ability to customize and create is endless. My brain is exploding with new ideas for cute little charms, but mostly I've been using the opportunity to create custom gifts for friends. My first project was a lotus pendant a friend requested for his wife, who had been searching for a specific look. I created the 3D model, and had it 3D printed in wax then cast in sterling silver. She'll be opening a custom-created, thoughtful and meaningful gift this Christmas. Hello, #besthusband! 


lotus pendant

3D modeling has a bit of a learning curve, but I've always loved a good challenge. So far, I've created some custom charms (they are surprises!) and a few adorable rings. The options for metals are endless, from raw brass to stainless steel, sterling silver, rose-gold plated or platinum. If you have an idea for a custom piece of jewelry, I'd love to help you create it!

Inspired by my love of coffee and perhaps a Tiffany necklace, I created a coffee bean bead with the chain travelling through the middle. Very adorable, and available in rose-gold plated, rhodium plated, or gold-plated options.

coffee bean pendants


As for products, in the catalog I've made a couple pieces available to order, including the adorable rings and necklaces pictured above. What would you like to see in a piece? Leave me a comment below!


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