Jewelry for Science!

Jewelry for Science!

As a young girl, I was always intrigued by science, nature, and inspired by the world around us. I was lucky to be exposed to natural history and art museums, nature centres, campgrounds, National parks, and science centres, all of which had an impact on how I viewed the world and the way I learned about the world. I was surrounded by books about physics and mechanical engineering, intrigued by astronomy, and always inquisitive and searching for the answers. I was a very typical young scientist, and my upbringing fostered this spirit and allowed me to grow up to be a “trained scientist”, with a Masters degree in Evolutionary Ecology. It’s hard to know if I would have chosen this route without early exposure to the actual root of science as a way of thinking about the world. I always loved how we truly don’t have a lot of answers, but science gives us a methodical way of studying, learning, and applying what we know to grow as a society. 

I believe we are all scientists by nature, and that it is important in today’s world that we foster this inquisitive nature in our children. We need to give all children the opportunity to learn about science as a way of thinking about the world so they are better prepared to solve the problems of our future. We need to inspire both boys and girls to view scientific thought as their very nature, not something that is only right for certain personality types or a specific gender. 

Last year, my team and I organized the March for Science in collaboration with Evidence for Democracy and Canada South Science City. We encouraged kids to come out, with their parents, to learn more about science through hands on activities. The main goal of March for Science, this year and each year, is to encourage policy in government that supports evidence over ideology. Our hope is that we continue to foster scientific thought in decisions that affect our environment and the future of our planet. This year, we are planning another event, which we are hoping will be bigger and better! 

Family of 4 with science-themed signs, march for science

Last year’s March for Science in Windsor was funded almost exclusively through the sale of science-themed jewelry. I am proud to again donate 50% of the profit from the sale of each item purchased through my website to the cause, as well as to support Canada South Science City. As a Director of CSSC, it is my goal to see our local science centre thrive as a hub for learning in Windsor-Essex, so that we may continue to inspire young minds to pursue science. We are working hard to create a hub for science in our community in the new not-for-profit co-op Forster Community Hub in West Windsor. You can learn more about our goals here.

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 Join us for Windsor's March for Science on Saturday, April 14th! Visit our Facebook event page.


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