Where are my girl bosses? Or as I like to say, just a straight up BOSS. Do you look back on your childhood (or perhaps event recent adulthood) and recall being referred to as bossy in a negative context? Well guess what you really are:


...I could go on and on, but basically be a force, be a leader, and do not be ashamed. 

In advance of International Women's Day, I'm introducing a line of customized bar necklaces to reflect these positive traits that we should foster in the younger generation rather than stifle. 100% of the profit from each necklace sold from this line will support initiatives dedicated to empowering girls in Science and Entrepreneurship.

An empowered girl improves the world around them. Let's build the environment where no girl questions their ability, second-guesses their emotions, or feels like less in any way. We are changing the world.


Yvonne Pilon modeling Ambitious necklace