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The 6 Step Checklist for the perfect custom wedding jewelry

Photo by Carrie J. Photography Dress: Miik Canada; Shoes: Toms Step 1: The Dress What better way to start the planning for your special day than with your wedding dress! In my experience (as a professional bridesmaid who has stood in several weddings), the dress is often the first choice a bride makes, and it sets the tone for the rest of the wedding planning with her partner. A dress can stand alone, but since the bride (or brides!) is often the centre of the event, a cohesive style from the dress to the bridesmaids to the colours and decor will bring everything together, making the day unforgettable.   Photo by Jenny Russell on Unsplash Step 2: Decor I've consulted...

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Tech meets art - using 3D modeling to create jewelry

I've always been a bit of a "Techy". Our family was on the net very early. I still fondly remember the sound of dial-up, and when it took a full day to download a song. I did tech support for a leading smartphone manufacturer for several years, always loved the latest gadgets, and coded websites as a teenager. Surprisingly, I've only recently explored 3D printing, even though my younger brother suggested over 3 years ago that it might be a fun direction to take Aloraflora Jewelry. He was so, so right. 3D printing is just so cool! The ability to customize and create is endless. My brain is exploding with new ideas for cute little charms, but mostly I've been...

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